We make products of marine origin, reducing the impact on our oceans

Reusing the sea to reload the world

We work with the latest technologies to achieve the highest quality

Reusing the sea to reload the world

Sustainability is the key to our business

Reusing the sea to reload the world

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In 1961, our love and respect for the sea led us to found BARNA, a company that salvages fish by-products from canning companies, fishmongers and other fishing industries for reuse, thus reducing the impact on our oceans as much as possible.

With these raw materials, we collaborate in the production of natural animal feeds and high-protein products that are beneficial to their health.

since 1961

A company with history, making history

We have been active since 1961, the year in which, on the initiative of fishermen and canners, we opened our first plant to dispose of surplus fish and by-products generated by the fishing industry.

This plant was opened in an area with a fishing and canning tradition in the north of the Iberian Peninsula, close to the border with France, which has allowed us to provide services to that country as well as our own.

We currently have two plants from where we manage more than 60,000 tonnes of fish by-products per year. This activity has given Barna a lead position in the Spanish market.

From our initial production of traditional fishmeal and fish oils, we have evolved and expanded our product portfolio to include single-species fishmeal, protein hydrolysates and fish oils with a high Omega 3 (DHA - EPA) content.

Our activity takes place in the circular economy, favouring the efficiency of the business ecosystem, helping to reduce the impact of the fishing industry and favouring the sustainability of marine resources.

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marine products

Food for pets, livestock farms and fish farms

quality and innovation

Reusing fish with innovative work processes to improve quality of life

Our aim every day is to extract the maximum from fish without wasting any fraction of it, creating value in the process.

To achieve this aim, we have to integrate raw material suppliers into our process and count on their collaboration to optimize the quality of the product we process in our plants.

We use advanced, safe and efficient work processes, which is the only way we can achieve the levels of excellence we have set for ourselves. This is our commitment to ourselves and, above all, to our customers.

At BARNA, the key points we rely on to achieve excellence are:

Our commitment


The priority of the more than 100 people who work at Barna is to ensure that the company’s activity generates wellbeing in the communities where it operates and cares for the environment in specific and in global ways.

This means that we contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations to protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all.

Our activity has a direct impact on meeting the global challenges of conserving and making sustainable use of the oceans, seas and marine resources while promoting sustainable economic growth and quality employment.

8 - Decent work and economic growth 12 - Responsible production and consumption 14 - Underwater life

But our commitment goes beyond the professional sphere. We promote projects that boost the economic activity in our surroundings while also supporting different groups in society, mainly to promote sport in the local area and maximize people’s opportunities to have active and sustainable lives.

Thus, we participate in U-BAI, an initiative promoted by the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve Service and the regional development agencies Behargintza (in Bermeo) and Lanbide Ekimenak (in Gernika), with the collaboration of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the Basque Government and companies in the region, to develop entrepreneurship and promote innovative and sustainable initiatives that help to improve the economic wellbeing of the population.

At the same time, we collaborate with different sports entities such as the rowing clubs of Urdaibai and Mundaka and the Artza pelota court.

Barna’s commitment


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