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Cutting-edge work processes and continual improvement

Catch at sea - The catch is transported to a cannery or fishmonger - By-products are generated - By-products are collected - By-products are treated at the Barna plant - New products are generated - These products are destined for pets and fish (aquaculture) and fertilizers (plants)

Our aim every day is to extract the maximum from fish without wasting any fraction of it, creating value in the process.

To achieve this aim, we have to integrate raw material suppliers into our process and count on their collaboration to optimize the quality of the product we process in our plants.

We use advanced, safe and efficient work processes, which is the only way we can achieve the levels of excellence we have set for ourselves. This is our pledge to ourselves and, above all, to our customers.

At BARNA, the key points we rely on to achieve excellence are:

We take advantage of high technical capabilities and teams of qualified workers committed to the development of our work to achieve the objectives we set ourselves.

Barna Quality

Trusting on our people

More than 100 people are involved in our project – and they are perfectly attuned with it, always acting efficiently throughout the process: the collection of raw materials, their transfer in vats, reception at the plants and cold storage; the production process; storage and, finally, dispatch.

We believe that the best tool for growth, improvement and innovation is sharing knowledge, projects and opportunities with institutions, universities, technology centres, business associations and companies. That is why we are committed to collaboration and strategic alliances.

We are members of:

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Our partners

Tecnalia Neiker Azti UPV / EHU University of Zaragoza Autonomous University of Madrid Ghent University Pyrénées-Atlantiques Chamber of Commerce